The craftsman Tre Digga, who after began his own music name called Digg It ENT is based out of Calgary Canada, while his underlying foundations were planted in Trinidad. Tre’s capacity to stream with practically any beat makes him flexible and will expand his life span in the rap game. All of which obliges his hard working attitude. “Presently with regards to my hard working attitude, it is an exceptional thing. I generally invest wholeheartedly in any assignment that is set before me and I generally attempt to surpass and over-dominate, it’s nearly to say the least,” shouts Tre.

The Canadian who endeavors to be probably the most sizzling craftsman on the secret market, after dropped his single “Cream” ft. Miss Benzo. In a field where rappers are relied upon to introduce themselves as the best, Tre Digga does exactly that on this track, and he is capably helped by the melodic get down of Miss Benzo.

Tre Digga has enough motivation to be glad. He came up in a territory not profoundly noted for its hip-jump adventures, and figured out how to poke his way into the small bunch that presently seem significant and energizing. There are numerous minutes on “Cream” ft. Miss Benzo where Tre persuades us that he’s steadily tearing his way to the top. His craving is animating, and precisely how you need the fundamental demonstration to get down to business.

Tre Digga turns around the beat with impeccable control, pressing clever bits of knowledge into conservative groupings. The power is unmistakable when Tre and Miss Benzo cross voices before the snare. These two raise each another to really extraordinary statures as they set the score and stream. We definitely know from prior deliveries that Tre Digga was extraordinary, we simply didn’t realize that he continues improving.